It’s like every day I think about the things we did together,

The love we made, the grace we said, the ways we paved,

the jokes we cracked,

The talks we talked, and the way we hoped,

That we would be together every time every second,

We were in a dream hoping to never be awakened,

You knew that I loved you because you turned me on,

I never thought that one day I would be here all alone,

This silence is getting too loud,

It’s kind of boring with you not around,

On my door there’s a sign that says “no ladies allowed”,

Because no one else can ever take your place,

I’m tied to you like a shoe lace,

Your face will always be fresh in my mind,

It’s so sad that I will never find,

Someone to hold and embrace, unless…its you!


Hey whats up! Here is a piece i’ve written in a mixture of swahili and sheng’ (Kenyan slang). It’s about my desire to stand out from the crowd and be a better lyricist, statesman…and generally, a more productive person.

Nataka nistand out

Katika hii crowd, nataka nistand out,

kama lyricst mreal, emcee ill,

nikichange a bunch of lines, into pucnhlines,

nataka nistand out, na technique moto,

kuliko za immortal technique,

katika hii crowd, nataka nistand out,

bila doubt nikipewa microphone nibattle one-on-one na KRS1,

watu wabaki wakisema am the one who won,

nataka nistand out, bila words kufumble,

hata nikizidi kupata more fans nizidi kuwa humble,

katika hii crowd, nataka nistand out,

hata long after am dead and gone kama Dedan Kimathi ,

nistand out kama ile monument ya Tom Mboya

in their history books wani-include,

nataka nistand out, kama ndula imepakwa Lude…



Life is an ODDESSEY, that aint too HARD TO SEE,

I can’t help NOTICING, all the HIPOCRICY,

your best friend’s the one who will shoot you in the back with a GUN,

a priest’s been found making love to a NUN,

the only remaining virgin belongs to Sir Branson RICHARD,

you will not deceive me, I am not a RETARD,

the PREACHERS, all try to REACH US,

with SCRIPTURES, but do the opposite of what they TEACH US,

should a cop break the law to protect the LAW?

I finally REALIZE, that it’s easier for a camel to go through the EYE,

of a needle, than for a rich man to go through the doors of a PRISON, the REASON?

More money more JUSTICE, don’t ask questions, this JUST IS,

you call it corruption with IMPUNITY, it’s more like corruption with IMMUNITY!I

Is there corruption happening around you? Deceit? Hipocricy? How has this affected you? What makes you smile? Love? Hate? Feel free to compose a poem, lyric or spoken word and share it with others…